Mission Statement We create inspiring upholstered furniture through innovative STYLE. COMFORT. and COLOR.

Environmental Statement CR Laine is committed to preserving the resources of our world for future generations. It is our goal to minimize the environmental impacts of our company through the continual improvement of waste reduction and use of sustainable practices.

World-Friendly by C.R. Laine At CR Laine, we are committed to preserving natural resources. To that end, our frames are made from hardwoods harvested from the Appalachian mountain region of the USA. A 2012 analysis by the USDA found our supplier's intensive forestry management has provided the Appalachian mountain region with a consistent increase in hardwood growth for the past 50+ years. This means any CR Laine purchase has not and will not compromise the lumber needs of future generations.

We strive to minimize the environmental impacts of our facility through waste reduction and energy conservation. In 2011, we retrofitted our lighting system, immediately improving the quality of light throughout our facility. One year later our total energy usage has been reduced by 50%. Additionally, we carefully track our use of wood, foam, fabric, water, paper, batteries and aluminum to minimize waste and to maximize our recycling.

We are members of the American Home Furnishings Alliance and were the first company to achieve registration in their Sustainable by Design program. We have held SBD status since 2008. To verify CR Laine's SBD registration, go to www.sustainablebydesign.us.