Understanding Natural Leather

The Beauty of Natural Leather

Each hide of Moore & Giles natural leather is unique. Within the same dye-lot and even within the same hide, you will find subtle variation in color based on the simple fact that each hide had a different life. Below is an example of how our skilled upholsterers will utilize these slight color differences and natural characteristics to their advantage and for your enjoyment.

Types Of Leather

Light Protection

These leathers are our most natural with color and character like no other. They have the greatest level of variation in color and texture. Natural markings, including wrinkles and scars, are visible. Because these leathers have the lightest level of protection, they will scratch easily, fade from exposure to light, and need to be cleaned right away when spills occur.

Medium Protection

These leathers have natural markings and offer a medium level of protection against scratching and fading, and are more easily cleaned. While more consistent, variations in color are present.

Heavy Protection

These leathers offer the greatest resistance to soiling and scratching, and the most resistance to fading. A heavy level of protection creates the most consistent color option and serves as a barrier to spills and stains.

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